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DREAMA OF THE MONTH: Read about Selina’s Experience

BLOG, Dreama of the Month  /   /  By Manuel Gruber

30 days are over since the DREAMA TV event in January. It feels like it’s so long ago. Soo much has happened! Since the event I was dealing with my scoliosis in a way I never did before. I got help from many amazing people. I got mails from about 20 people who told me the story of their scoliosis. Some wrote me via facebook. Among them were some inspiring stories.

What I found out about scoliosis in the last weeks

Where should I start… For a long time I had faith into the academic medicine. I thought it is the only way there is, the only thing that could help me. But doctors are telling me: “You will have scoliosis for the rest of your life. It will probably get worse. It could be that you need a spine surgery someday.”

I don’t want this to be true. So I began looking for another solution. I have heard about many alternative healing methods and I came in contact with people for whom “healing” means something else than in academic medicine. They work very much with the psyche, the emotions, the subconscious, the spiritual.

The last weeks weren’t easy for me. I dove in the deepest and darkest corners of my subconscious, my suppressed emotions. And what I found there was amazing. I found a beautiful bright light in the darkness. I found a way that could heal my scoliosis. Now I know that my scoliosis is the best thing that could have happened to me for evolving personally and spiritually. Now I know: First I have to heal my soul, then it is possible for my body to heal too. My intuition strongly tells me that this is my way of healing. I will investigate further and document my journey on my Youtube channel “Große Träumerin on Youtube”.

It is unbelievable how this event changed my life. I have never dared to ask for help before with this aspect of my life. I didn’t want to have much to do with it. I thought, the less I think about it the smaller is the impact that it has on my life. But that’s not true. The more I didn’t look at it the bigger “the problem” got. Our body gets ill when it wants to tell us that something is wrong. It wants us to listen. And by attending this event I really started to listen to my body. Now I laid the foundation to heal. And I am forever thankful to the organizers of this event and to everybody who helps me on my journey <3

Future plans

I want to help people with scoliosis on a mental and emotional level. In my opinion there is far too less information and investigation on that side of scoliosis. Scoliosis has a huge mental aspect which I think has to be addressed. I want to help people heal from the inside and give them back the power over their own lives. This is my dream. And it feels like my life purpose. I want to become an expert for scoliosis. One day I want to do a TEDx Talk about everything I found out about scoliosis.

How can you help?

If you have scoliosis too, you can contact me at Selina[at] and tell me your story. I want to find out patterns of how scoliosis occurs. And collecting wishes, problems and stories from scoliosis patients is what I wish to do to throw more light on this topic.

And if you do healing of any kind, I would love to talk to you. Maybe we can do an interview on my Youtube channel. Or we can just exchange knowledge and experiences privately. I would love to know more about healing!

If you have any further ideas on how to help me, please contact me. Maybe you have heard of a healing method which is not commonly known. Or you know somebody who healed from an “incurable” illness. Every information is important for me. I’m glad about any support I can get.

Thank you so much!

About the Author

Manuel is a filmmaker and journalist from Vienna, Austria. At the moment, he mostly works on personal portraits about activists and social entrepreneurs. Manuel is a passionate photographer and loves travelling, guitars and authentic stories of interesting people.

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